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How do I access services?

In general, our services are contracted through case managers from the St. Louis Regional Center Department of Mental Health. In some cases we are contacted directly by families who then contact their case manager to let them know what they wish to do.

How will I know someone will always be there, looking after my relative?

Our homes are staffed with competent, well-trained staff who will be present in the home when your loved one is present. In some cases, based on need, that may require an awake overnight staff, or someone sleeping onsite. Working collaboratively with the family, the client, and the case manager, we can formulate a staffing pattern based on your loved one’s needs and personal schedule.

Who do I address comments and concerns to?

In most cases, comments and concerns should be shared with the Support Coordinator who manages and coordinates an individual’s care and services.

Will my relative see a doctor/go to the same doctor they went to before placement?

In most cases, our clients see the same medical professionals and physicians they saw prior to placement with us. Our staff ensure that all medical needs are addressed quickly, all routine appointments and lab work are completed on-time and regularly as mandated by state guidelines, and that all medications prescribed are evaluated for effectiveness and that compliance with prescribed care is being ensured. CCL maintains two staff nurses for quality control of care and effective management of complicated medical situations.

Will staff know how to take care of my relative?

Working in concert with the family and all available medical and historical records, our administrative/managerial staff complete a person-centered plan of treatment for each individual client, and then ensure that any staff coming into the home are trained specifically for the client.

How involved can I be in my relative's care?

With your relative’s permission, you may visit as often as you like, have access to updates regarding an individual’s progress and well-being, have your relative over for stays at your home, and can contact staff at the home for updates and information as needed, or a referral to management staff for more in-depth information.

7125 North Lindbergh Blvd.
Hazelwood, MO 63042

T: (314) 731-0075
F: (314) 731-0080

CCL charges no fees for services; all clients are funded through the Missouri Department of Mental Health Medicaid Waiver program. Clients are responsible for their own room and board expenses, which are often covered by social security benefits. In the event that someone does not qualify to receive funding through the DMH Medicaid waiver program, private pay fees can be discussed with Executive Director.